Adding ‘Copy as Path’ in Windows

Tired of copying long nested path for folders and files in windows that takes too much time and numerous clicks? here’s a quick way to add copy-as-path in your windows context menu permanently. Basically “Copy As Path” option can done by pressing and hold SHIFT key and by right clicking the selected folder or file just like the image shown below.


To enable this option permanently, you will need to add a new key on windows registry.
1. To open the registry setting press the “Windows” key + “R” then under the “RUN” dialog box type in “registry”, then click “OK”.

2. Then navigate to …


3. Under “shell” key, create a new key and set its name to “Copy as Path“.

4. Now create another new key under the new “Copy as Path” key and set its name to “command“. So the path should be …

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Copy as Path\command

5. On the command key and in right-side pane, set the value of (Default) to:

cmd.exe /c echo "%1"|clip

Everything should look the same as the image shown below:


Romel Masagca

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