Change Google Drive Default Folder

Google Drive is one of the best online file storage around the globe and widely use for personal, educational and business purposes. However there are some people who wants to assign their google drive default folder to a different location on their desktop PC, including me this is because by default google drive folder is located at “C:\Users\USER_ID\Google Drive” (the USER_ID refers to your computer login account), there are some time I do make backup of my files and place it on the different location.

Follow the steps below to change the location of Google Drive’s folder.

  1. Click on the Google Drive icon in your system tray
  2. Choose Quit Google Drive
  3. Now move the Google Drive folder within Windows Explorer to a new location
  4. Restart Google Drive from Start –> All Programs
  5. Google Drive will prompt you that unable to find the default folder, click on the Google Drive icon again and choose “Error – Google Drive folder is missing
  6. A window will open up, choose Locate or Browse folder and go find the new Google Drive folder.

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