Connecting PS3 Console to your Desktop Computer

This tutorial will show you on how to connect your old PS3 console to your Desktop Computer — I will only be aiming this tutorial more on the sound system and making sure that the sound on your PS3 console will work on your desktop computer through its speaker, so I assume you already know how to connect your video from PS3 console to your desktop monitor.

First, we prepare the parts/devices required that we need to accomplish this tutorial, the first one is the Standard PS3 Audio-Video cable and the next one is the RCA Y Splitter, like the two images shown below.



Now connect the Standard PS3 Audio-Video cable and the RCA Y Splitter make sure to connect and match up the colors for white and red Audio pin, you can ignore the yellow for Video, assuming that you will use your HDMI, or DVI or VGA connector/adapter by connecting your video from your gaming console to your desktop monitor.


Now connect the Standard PS3 Audio-Video cable to your PS3 console, then the RCA Y Splitter at the back on your desktop computer, make sure to connect the RCA Y Splitter to the MIC port just like the image shown below.


Once you completely connect all the parts/devices, go to your desktop monitor right-click and select Playback Devices at the sound icon located and at the lower right corner of your screen.


At the Recording tab select Microphone, then right-click and select Properties, just like the image shown below.


Under Microphone Properties go to Listen tab and enable Listen to this device, having this enable will transmit the sound from your PS3 Console going to your computer and speaker. Click OK or Apply to save the changes.


Now turn on your PS3 console and go to its general Settings then select the Sound Settings.


Select the Audio Output Settings.


Select the Audio Input Connector /SCART / AV MULTI.


Press the X button on you PS3 Controller to save the changes.


There are a couple of ways to enable and configure the sound of your PS3 console through your computer and speaker. This tutorial is the one that works in the situation that I have.

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