Edit PHP.ini file on MAMP PRO and Mac-OS-X

There are some cases where you might need to make some changes on php.ini on MAMP PRO, however you might end up editing or changing the wrong php.ini on your current system, then you realize that the changes doesn’t work at all.

To edit or change some settings on php.ini under MAMP PRO, you need to edit the template under MAMP PRO’s main interface and select the right php.ini template and its PHP version as well, this can be done by couple of steps below.


  1. Make sure the MAMP PRO is running.
  2. Disable the server if its currently up.
  3. Now navigate to File > Edit Template > PHP X.X.X php.ini – Make sure to select the right version of PHP configured on your MAMP PRO’s web settings.
  4. A window will pop-up with the contents of php.ini, from there you change the settings for PHP.ini file.
  5. After making changes, make sure to save it, then restart MAMP PRO and enable the server.

There are many settings that you can change on PHP.INI file such as memory limit, time limit, error reporting and a lot more. Basically I don’t really change php.ini file because sometimes it might affect some websites running on the server as well; If I can change the settings on htaccess file on a specific website using the right directives and parameters that would be my first option.

Just be aware that everything might work with MAMP PRO if running locally with your machine, however you should consider that some web hosting company have their own limit, restrictions or own settings with php.ini running on their server, which means that depending on the web hosting company, they may or may not allow you to change their settings on a live environment.

Romel Masagca

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