Installing CMS Made Simple on MAMP PRO and Mac-OS-X

CMS Made Simple provides an alternative to the weighty management systems. It was designed with the goal of serving the needs of small and medium sized websites without the clutter of too many stock features. Whether you’re just making a personal website, a website for an organization, or a website for a small business, CMS Made Simple will help you develop a simple website with very little knowledge.

Before you continue I assume you already learned something from the previous MAMP PRO Web Server Tutorials on MAC OS X otherwise you will get confused following this lesson.

Unlike other web server environment on MAMP PRO web server we don’t need to make changes on files like hosts, httpd-vhosts.conf, etc. On MAMP PRO we can configure those things on its main interface, in addition to that you can add as many websites as you can, click the link provided if you want to learn more on how to Setup multiple websites with MAMP PRO on Mac-OS-X

To begin make sure your MAMP PRO web server is already up and running, below are some details that you should know before you start.

Website Name:

Folder structure or location of my website for CMS Made Simple: 

Here I browse and downloaded the latest CMS Made Simple package that we are going to use to install. visit CMS Made Simple to download the file.

After downloading the file, I open it the extract it to /Applications/WebTest/ folder. Make sure extract the files on the right folder make some adjustment if required.

Open to MAMP PRO main interface then follow the steps by number, then provide the information as follows.
Step 1. Click the Add button + icon on the left-lower corner of the interface to add new website.
Step 2. Provide the Server name.
Step 3. Locate the folder where the package files are extracted.
Step 4. This is optional, if in case your having an issue with access rights and permissions fixed it.

Below is the sample Access rights I’ve assigned, take note that I don’t have any issues running on my network that’s why I assigned it this way, you can change the access rights according to your own preferences.

Under Extended tab, you can enable or disable directives according on your requirement, I enable some directives just like the image shown below. Add this parameter php_admin_value error_reporting 6143 this is to disable E_STRICT and E_DEPRCATED on error_reporting on php.ini – this will avoid error during the installation process.

After setting up the website on MAMP PRO, it will require you to restart the services, so click Yes.

Before we do the actual installation of CMS Made Simple we need to create a database and this can be done by opening the browser to access phpMyAdmin interface and on the address bar type the following address http://localhost/phpmyadmin/. On phpMyAdmin interface, select Databases tab, under Create database I’ve put cmsmadesimpledb then click Create.

Now I open another tab on my browser to open my test domain which is to continue with the actual installation on CMS Made Simple, select your language and click Submit.

This part is optional, you may to test your files if you want to, as for me I skip this part. I click Continue to resume.

This will be a long list of system requirements to run the CMS Made Simple script on the server, basically it will require you to make an adjustment on the server if necessary before you can continue to install the script.

This is still the part of the system requirements as you scroll down to the bottom, if all seems okay then click Continue.

File Creation Mask (Umask) – The umask acts as a set of permissions that applications cannot set on files. It’s a file mode creation mask for processes and cannot be set for directories itself. Most applications would not create files with execute permissions set, so they would have a default of 666, which is then modified by the umask. Click Test and see the result. 022 means that newly created files are readable by everyone, but only writable by the owner. Click Continue.

On this stage you can fill in the required information for the CMS Made Simple website, I provided mine as shown below, click Continue.

Scroll down to see database required details at the bottom.

On this part provide the database information for the server, I’ve put my database details as shown below, click Continue.

After creating the tables for the database scroll down, click Continue.

Now the installation is complete, you may want to click CMS Site if you want to access CMS Made Simple main website or click go to the Admin Panel to access the Admin Dashboard.

This is the actual web interface of CMS Made Simple website.

And this is the web interface of CMS Made Simple Admin Panel website.

  • If your max execution time is low and you have to increase it, you have to edit the MAMP PRO php.ini template look for this line max_execution_time=30, I replace mine with max_execution_time=120 then restart my MAMP PRO Web Server.

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