Migrating WordPress site from Remote Server to Local Host

This tutorial will show you how to move or migrate your WordPress website from Remote Server to a Local Host computer. Some user do this option when they need to speed up the process in developing their website locally than doing it remotely (or perhaps the opposite). There are many WordPress plugins that offers a backup and restore service however on this tutorial I’ll be using Duplicator to make a copy of the database contents and the entire files and folders from the remote website. Please read the entire tutorial first before you do this tutorial, I’m not going to be responsible on any risk it may cause to your remote and local website.

Before we continue make sure you already installed and activated the Duplicator plugin and another thing to consider is making sure your local web server is up and running and configured the local domain address of the site that will be duplicated to and point that domain to appropriate folder, currently I’m using XAMPP web server locally.

Also prepare and configure the database on the local host web server, you might visit this link – there is a section on that page on how to add database using phpmyadmin.

Below is the example of the web addresses of WordPress website that will be involve during migration, I’ll be using Duplicator plugin from my remote website which pinoylyricsonline.com to make a copy of my database and files then use that files to put on my local machine and configured it as pinoylyricsonline.int.

Once you install and activate Duplicator plugin, run the plugin then click the Create New link at the top right corner of the page.

It will display a report if everything went well during the scan, click Build to start making copy of the website’s database, files and folders or to start making the package.

Once the package is complete the plugin will display two separate files for you to download it includes the installer.php and the zip file for the website, download these files make sure you save it on the folder where you want your WordPress website to load as configured on your local web server.

Below is a sample configuration of my XAMPP server.

<VirtualHost *:80>  
    DocumentRoot "D:/WebDemo/pinoylyricsonline.int"
    ServerName pinoylyricsonline.int
    <Directory "D:/WebDemo/pinoylyricsonline.int">
        Require all granted
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
        AllowOverride All

hosts file pinoylyricsonline.int

Save the installer.php and the zip file on this folder. (No need to extract the zip file).


Now that everything is configured, I open my browser the type in http://pinoylyricsonline.int/installer.php and provide the necessary information from my database. Click Run Deployment to continue.

Double check the settings especially the path. Click Run Update to continue.

Migration is now completed. Test the local website especially the links, plugins and contents, if you find any warnings or depending on the warning that you get, there are many online support out there to fix it. In my case I got a warning during this tutorial as well, however it has nothing to do with the migration. I fixed it by making some adjustments on the settings on my local web server.

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