Removing revisions on WordPress

WordPress revisions of pages and posts can be a pain, especially if you’re updating your website contents from time to time and you have multiple WordPress websites to maintain as well – it can consume an amount of your data storage mainly the database. Some users, which are very new in CMS (Content Management System) doesn’t really pay attention on this issue, however to those users who are really skeptical about the performance of their websites, servers, contents, file, etc. Managing the revisions in WordPress is really important.

There are a couple of ways in managing WordPress revisions, for advanced users they normally make some changes in the WordPress config file, then delete the old revisions manually on database by accessing phpmyadmin, however for beginners this is too risky and might end up messing up the database.

Another way of managing revisions is by installing a plugin. I would suggest to use Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions plugin will delete the revisions to your database depending on the choices you select, then it will optimize your database which another way of saving space after the process. Another advantage on this plugin is the Scheduler where a user can schedule to optimize the database such as daily, twice a day, weekly depending of his/her choice. Using this plugin can be handy in saving more space on your database and removing the unwanted revisions on WordPress.

Sample screenshot of the plugin.

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