I’ve been in the Computer Industry for several years, working on cross platform systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple-Mac, and Linux-Based systems, learning a lot of things from work, self-study and from other people with more experience on this field and try developing and improving more by sharing what I’ve learned as well. Now that I’ve gained more experience – I’m offering my services listed below:

desktop-repairPC-Desktop Repair / Upgrades / Builds
Computer Repair, upgrade and custom build is one of my favorite thing to do and a hobby as well, it’s more challenging to fix computer from old up to the recent ones. I can upgrade/replace some parts if required and I can also assemble or do a custom build of desktop computer from start to finish of course considering the client’s budget as well. I can clean and fix your computer with viruses and spywares that will require installing applications to the job; if everything is really messed-up I normally suggest doing a fresh install of the system and installing all the needed applications and make sure that it will run smoothly.
web-codingWeb Coding and Graphics Design
Basically I’m using WordPress in building website for my clients, it’s easy to navigate, straight-forward and user-friendly. I’m more on using LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) Technology an open-source web development platform and incorporate it with theme design that was approve by my client. Doing this job takes time because it has a couple of stages such as planning stage, coding stage, design stage up to test-debug and completion.
server-adminServer Administration and Setup
This job is more on dealing with Microsoft servers, install and configure server from start to finish such as Active Directory – with Domain Controller, DNS Server, DHCP Service, Remote Access, Web Server and a lot more; Of course after setting up its structure, I have to make sure that users, computers and other devices will be able to connect to the domain making sure that GPO is working properly.